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Organic (cng) - very lightly sweetened - Preservative & additive Free
Elderberry syrup
direct from the elderberry crop of Sweet Seasons Farm

organic and fresh

New at the farm!

is our immune system boosting

Organic (cng) Elderberry Syrup, coming from our own crop of Elderberry plants! 

Fresh Organic (Cng) Black Elderberries from our farm are hand harvested at peak ripeness, cooked then pressed to expel the juice.

Our syrup is very fluid not thick or heavy.

Minimal amount of Raw Local Honey is used to provide more

volume of fresh Black Elderberry. A touch of fresh squeezed Lemon Juice is added.

Each jar provides 42 teaspoon servings. **No preservatives **

Keep FROZEN until ready to use. Once opened, REFRIGERATE and use within 42 days (6 weeks) or you can pour it into ice cube trays to freeze and use as desired. Elderberry syrup is delicious in oatmeal, yogurt, sparkling water, etc.


$10.25 ---  7 oz. jar (Limited Supply)  FARM PICK UP ONLY (This item does not ship as it must remain frozen before opening.) 


(Compared to commercial brands made with powders, extracts,

glucose syrup and benzoate that start at $9.40 for a 4 oz. bottle.)

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