Savory & Spice Truffles
The herbs and vegetables we grow on the farm are used in our Savory & Spice collection.  Anything we do not grow or produce is purchased from family farmers and producers in the U.S. and abroad who share in our value system of growing genuine organic, natural foods. For example, our Vermont Maple Rum comes from nearby Dunc's Mill. Whereas, our whole cinnamon stick origins are Saigon Vietnam.  
Join us and experience an array of exotic flavors. 

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Savory & Spice Collection

Candy Cane Peppermint
Peppermint Pinks

We first capture the oil of our organic heirloom peppermint crop, then blend it into Swiss Couverture White Chocolate. Add a little crunch with Bob's Candy Canes and voila!
Organic Pumpkin
Our farm's fresh organic 'Baby Pam Pie' pumpkin and hand ground organic spices folded into couverture white chocolate is satisfyingly rich in flavor.
Organic Carrot Cake
Organically grown carrots from the farm are paired with Coverture Swiss White Chocolate, Certified Organic Walnuts and a sprinkling of Saigon Cinnamon. All the flavor of classic carrot cake and absolutely gluten free!
Marcala Mocha
This year our Organic coffee beans are from Honduras (Marcala - fair trade). Pair this with peppery ground Saigon cinnamon sticks, couverture dark chocolate for a fine partner with your cup of hot mocha!
Brandy Eggnog
Ring in the holiday cheer with our smooth creamy truffle. Full bodied brandy (from grape wine) is paired with cream, couverture White Chocolate and hand ground whole nutmeg
Dunc's Mill Vermont Maple Rum
We were fortunate enough to land on the coveted Dunc's Mill Handcrafted Vermont Maple Rum! Smooth, rich and balanced. We bring Vermont's sugaring tradition from the wooded maple groves to your senses!
Sriracha Chili
Many think it's good in scrambled eggs. Ever try it in your Chocolate? Sriracha Chili is poured into 58% European Couverture and enrobed in the same with clean balance and spicy, flavorful finish
Cinnamon Saigon
It's smooth and creamy center starts off with a 12 year harvest of Saigon Cinnamon bark! We take the bark and grind it very fine and then infuse it into cream before folding it into Couverture Dark Chocolate.
Star Anise
Chinese Star Anise is infused into cream and then blended with Couverture chocolate to bring you a smooth, silky truffle made especially for a unique breed of licorice lovers.
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