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FARM PICK UP ONLY ---- We grow and harvest our own crop of Organic, (cng) powerful immune boosting Black Elderberries!  Whole fruit Black Elderberries have many naturally occuring substances such as: Anthocyanins, Quercetin, Rutin, Polyphenols and Omega 3 fatty acids which are naturally low in sugar. Our syrup is very lightly sweetened with Organic Raw Honey and fresh squeezed Lemon Juice. It is made using whole berries that we cook to remove the naturally occurring toxins located in the seeds. Our Elderberry syrup contain no alcohol, glucose syrup, or preservatives and is naturally Vegan / Gluten Free.

Each 7 oz. jar provides 42 one (1) teaspoon servings. Keep Frozen until ready to use. Refrigerate to thaw. Each jar keeps fresh up to 6 weeks after thawing in refrigerator. When you arrive to the farm, ask for our FREE  Frozen Ice Bottles to pack w/ your syrup to keep it frozen until you get home. 


All Elderberry Syrups are not as healthy as producers would like you to believe . . . While popular commercially available Elderberry Syrups have a very stable shelf life, they are derived from fruit extracts and powders, not the whole Elderberry. They're volumous & sweet because of glucose syrup. Glucose is highly processed sugar derived from corn, potato starch or wheat. Because glucose syrup is of high viscocity, it 'expands' the product making it appear to be more concentrate and richer. To preserve shelf life, additives such as benzoate and potassium sorbate are included. The average price for a commercial 4 oz. bottle (2 teaspoons per servings) is: $9.50 to 12.50. 

We offer "holistically grown on our farm" whole fruit product that is lower in viscocity because we avoid glucose syrup, sparingly use raw honey and freeze each 7 oz. jar instead of adding preservatives. In doing so, your body can capture and utilize all the rich immune boosting substances in black elderberry fruit! 


GREAT TIP: Thaw the frozen Elderberry Syrup then portion our single servings into ice cube trays, re-freeze then store into airtight container in the freezer and use as needed. 

Organic (cng) Elderberry Syrup (Frozen) FARM PICKUP ONLY

  • While this product is primarily available at the Farm for  PICK UP, we do ship this product Fed Ex Overnight in styrofoam coolers w/ ice packs. We suggest you purchase a 6-12 jars to make the overnight shipping expense worthwhile. Frozen jars of our Organic Elderberry Syrup keep well for at least 2 years in the freezer. Please call or email if you would like more information.  Thank You

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