We invite you to delight in the uniqueness of our Organic Farm & Orchard Truffles.  European Couverture Chocolate is paired with our farm's fresh Organic Berries & Pumpkin. Black Forest Raspberry is nothing but whole fruit (seeds included) paired with luxurious dark Chocolate ganache. Fresh Organic Blueberries from our farm are bursting with flavor in our dark, Blueberry Fonce Truffle. Strawberry Au Lait is a Strawberry fest bathed in Couverture Milk Chocolate ganache. Seasonal and sumptuous, Organic Pumpkin Truffles radiates the warm flavor tones from our Baby Pam Pie varietal. Enjoy the grandeur flavor and textures from this luscious collection.

Organic Farm & Orchard Truffle Collection (6, 12, 24 Piece Box - Gluten Free)

Box Type
Chocolate Type
  • These truffles are shipped with ice packs as they contain crushed organic (cng) raspberries grown on our farm. Please ensure someone is there to receive this order so that it does not remain in a sunny /warm location all day. Immediately place the box of truffles in the FREEZER if you wish to enjoy them at a later time. "Truffle Storage Instructions" are included with your order. 

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