EXTRAORDINARY is the word to define the delicacy of these artful confections. Organic Farmer / Chocolatier, Sue Haynie, has a story behind her masterpiece: "That year we harvested 500+ lbs of Organic Strawberries. The Farmer's Markets were overflowing with established farmers, so we were constantly turned away.  There was no place to sell these berries, so I purchased a chest freezer.  Anytime I wasn't working my 'day' job or performing farm chores, I was in the kitchen making more messes than a group of 3rd graders in an art class."  During the learning process, Sue recognized that the finest match for whole fruit, nuts & whole spice is European Couverture Chocolate.  As Providence would have it, Sue has created a splendidly delicious assortment of Bonbons for you and your pleasure. Enjoy the vibrant Organic Fruit flavors of this collection! Call to place order as Bonbons can only be shipped via FED EX OVERNIGHT.

Organic Farm & Orchard Bonbon Collection (Gluten Free)

Box Type
Chocolate Type
  • 6 piece collection includes:  2 Strawberry, 2 Raspberry, 2 Blueberry Lime 

    12 piece collection includes; 3 Strawberry, 3 Raspberry, 3 Blueberry Lime, 3 Apple Spice  


    24 piece collection includes: 4 Strawberry, 4 Raspberry, 4 Blueberry Lime, 4 Apple Spice, 4 Black Currant and 4 Pear Nutmeg 

    Important Note: Bonbons are shipped Fed Ex Overnight with Dry Ice in well ventilated containers and are therefore subject to higher shipping & handling fees. 

  • Call us to place your order as there are additional costs associated with shipping Bonbons OVERNIGHT.  We use insulated containers, dry ice and FED EX Overnight Shipping.  

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