Thin layers of unrivaled European Couverture Dark, Milk or White Chocolate are adorned with beauty and taste. Fresh Dried (we dry them) Twin Pine Farms, Vt. aromatic and intensely flavorful Cranberries are paired with California Walnuts. The beauty of hand-crafting each batch of chocolate barks allows us to let you enjoy a variety of flavors. Mix n' Match as you desire. Enjoy a piece of our Thin Snap Chocolate Bark bark with a nice hot cup of mocha, or break it up into your bowl of oatmeal. VEGANS  please select 70% Dark Chocolate.  
NOTE: ask us about our 1 and 2 lb 'Break It Up' Gifts - perfect for weddings, corporate, etc. or call us at: 802-274-2365.

Cranberry Walnut Thin Snap Chocolate Bark (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Chocolate Base

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