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In this collection we pay tribute to the family farms in the U.S. who grow and produce the most alluring foods from Nut and Maple Trees. These dedicated, and extremely hard working farmers are the inspiration of our Nut & Caramel Collection.   
Pick your own 3 flavors and your box will contain 2 of each flavor. This collection is dipped in a combination of Dark and Milk Chocolate. Please specify your preference should you desire another type of Chocolate.

Nut & Caramel (PYO) 6 Piece (Gluten Free)

  • Organic Peanut Butter, Roasted Hazelnut, Organic Salted Almond, Maple Caramel Almond, Maple Caramel Pecan and Maple Caramel Walnut, Vermont Maple Caramel (no nuts) and Salted Vermont Maple Caramel using various seasoning salts from Iceland (no nuts).  

  • Our unrivaled USDA Certified Organic Fresh Nuts are purchased from U.S. family farms. Whole nuts are infused into cream, to capture the genuine flavors that you enjoy. As for Caramel... on this earth exists the most alluring sweetner which lives inside a tree! Vermont Maple Syrup, this covetous treasure, is our foundation for creating an exquisite caramel, which we craft using many Certified Organic ingredients. We support Direct Fair Trade and pay our Vermont Maple Farmers their worth for their centuries old expertise. Some Vermont Maple Farmers stir their sap by hand. Just like them, we hand stir our Maple Caramel in a pot over the stove. You will adore our Nut & Caramel Collection!  

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