18 different varieties of Heirloom Organic (CNG) Apples are grown on the farm. Only the BEST are drenched into our rich and buttery homemade Vermont Grade B (Robust) Maple Caramel then rolled into your choice of Nuts or Gluten-Free Sprinkles. Add some Chocolate Drizzle for a luxurious Apple Dessert. Apples weigh between 8 - 10 oz. Our "Goodland" and "Wolf River" Apples are used in our festive "Give Thanks" Apples. Each Apple is garnished with a Gluten-Free Autumn Decoratif and adorned with a festive Orange Bow.
Note --- Our Maple Caramel Apples ship best with nuts or chocolate on the Apples. For this reason we do not ship 'Plain' Maple Caramel Apples.

"Give Thanks" Vermont Maple Caramel Organic Apple (Gluten Free)

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Chocolate Drizzle
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