We grow 18 different varieties of Heirloom Organic (CNG) Apples on the farm. Only the BEST are drenched into our rich and buttery homemade Vermont Grade B (Robust) Maple Caramel then rolled into your choice of Nuts. Add some Chocolate Drizzle for a luxurious Fresh Apple Dessert.

IMPORTANT NOTE --- Our home-made Maple Caramel Apples contain no artificial flavors, additives, preservatives or chemical stabelizing agents. For this reason we use Nuts or sprinkles to hold fresh Maple Caramel to the apple. We ship our Christmas Maple Caramel Apples to all 50 states with ice packs only in December when the weather is cooler. Orders over $50.00 include additional insurance.

Vermont Maple Caramel Organic Apple (Gluten Free)