Important Note: While supplies last, this year we are offering winter apples, excellent keepers - Organic Northern Spy, Honey Gold, Nova Scotia Spy, Winter Blush for FARM PICK UP ONLY.  Pay Farm Store Price when you purchase Organic Apples at the farm.


Classic Vermont fresh Organic Heirloom & Heritage varieties are 'Born in Vermont' meaning our Standard Organic Root Stock Apple Trees were birth at Walden Heights, 30 minutes drive from our farm. Our trees are rooted in healthy life giving soils and are nurtured using holistic methods. Individually wrapped and shipped to your door from August until they're gone. Their flavors are crisp, rich, sweet, tart, creamy, sharp, mellow - dazzling! Available varieties are based on the harvest. The 2020 season for New England Apples are in high demand but the supply is limited to first Email or Phone Call / first serve. Please do not place an order without contacting us first as the price for shipping / handling / ice blocks / packaging / insurance varies depending on shipping location. We will let you know which varieties are available as they vary during the autumn season. We will also create a custom product for you with the exact price of your order, shipping / handling, etc. Call us at: 802-274-2365 or email us at: We sell apples by the piece starting at $2.95 ea.  ---  half dozen $15.00  --- 1 dozen $28.00

Organic Farmer's Fresh Heirloom Apples