Tree Fruit&Tropical 

fruity and Flavorful

 Experience a fantastically unique taste in Chocolate truffles as we pair whole fruit from the Tropics, to Trees and Berries with European Couverture
Chocolate. All fruit is grown on USA family farms using 'Beyond Organic' and 'Naturally Grown' practices.  Inclusions, imperfect shapes and fork marks in your truffles show that your confections are genuinely hand made.  The fruit & nuts garnishing your truffles are zested, dried, roasted and chopped with our own hands. Whole Fruit, Couverture Chocolate and a touch of cream - that's it.  

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Tree Fruit & Tropical Collection

Cranberry Orange Almond
Vermont's Twin Pine Farm naturally grown cranberries are paired with California's Gless Ranch Cara-Cara Oranges. Non-pareil Ca. almonds, (which we roast and salt), are blended into a couverture white chocolate interior. The flavor is perfectly marvelous!
Lemon Chiffon
Key Lime
Key Limes from Florida and California bring the tropics to your table! Savor this flavor and relish the creamy smooth tangy center. Dipped in your choice of Couverture Dark, Milk or White Chocolate
Cherry Madagascar
The prized 'Blenheim' apricot is paired with nonpareil roasted almonds and bathed in a Swiss White Chocolate center.
Meyers Lemon
Sweet & flavorful Meyers Lemon from Gless Ranch, Riverside, CA. meets Pearson Family Farm Georgia Pecan 2016 fall harvest! Blended with Stemilt farms organic cherries, which we dry to perfection.
Orange Noir
Featuring antioxidant rich Cara-Cara Oranges 58% Couverture Dark Chocolate with an outer shell of more Dark Chocolate for a rich complex finish.
Organic Ruby Red Grapefruit
We take the fresh juice, pulp and zest of organic Ruby Red and smoothly blend it with Couverture White Chocolate. "It's like eating Breakfast!"
Apricot Almond
The prized 'Blenheim' apricot is paired with nonpareil roasted almonds and bathed in a Couverture White Chocolate center.
Toasted Coconut Lime
Featuring unsweetened organic coconut, fresh Tahitian Lime from Gless Ranch,Ca. These zesty, delicious truffles are dipped into Dark, Milk or White Couverture
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