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Employee Incentive & Corporate Gift Programs

We know what it’s like!  Holding a corporate career, prior to the shift into Organic Farming, allowed us to experience the joys and delicate nature of giving and receiving gratitude.  We offer effective strategies for your Employee Incentive and Corporate Gift programs with unique experiences on the farm and extraordinary confections, teas and organic fruit gifts.

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Employee Incentive Program

Appreciation for success is shown.  Morale is heightened.  Productivity increased is measurable and most important, positive working relationships are cultivated.  Employers who know their staff’s interests are bound to be successful when it comes to offering valuable incentives.  Our incentive rewards will create fabulous lifetime memories for your employees and for you too!


A Chocolate Success  --- Send the winning team, (who love culinary arts, chocolate or just plain eating), to Sweet Seasons Confectionery.  Spend either a half day or full day with Farmer / Chocolatier, Sue Haynie, learning how to hand craft some of the farm’s luscious confections pairing organic fruit, nuts and whole spice with decadent European Couverture Chocolate. Depending on the season, they will enjoy harvesting the fruit used in their creations. 


An Organic Success  --- Reward your outdoor, foodie and nature lover type of high achievers with a visit to Sweet Seasons Farm.  They will participate in an engaging day of Organic Farm life.  Here they will enjoy fresh air, beautiful surroundings, physical and fun work as they learn everything about growing fruit, nuts and herbs organically.  Depending on the season, they will also enjoy picking and eating Apples, Raspberries, Blueberries or Hazelnuts.


Fruit of the month Club --- 3 months of sweet success will be shipped to your employees. 

  • July – Raspberries

  • August – Blueberries

  • September -- Apples

Corporate Gift Program

Major clients, employees and prospective clients are affirmed.  The personal connection is elevated.  According to Promotional Products Association International’s (PPAI) surveys, businesses who gave gifts were twice as likely to increase their chances of being contacted for repeat or potential business as those who didn’t have a gift program.    

Send your sincere show of appreciation.  Impress your clients and employees with a dazzling array of our unique, authentic hand-made European Couverture Chocolate Confections, Organic Leaf Teas and Organic Apple Products. 


Contact us at:  802-274-2365 or  so we can assist you with planning your gifting arrangements.  Gifts are delivered to one or multiple destinations along with follow-up confirmation of receipt.  Gifts can also include your personalized Thank You / Holiday Greeting Cards.  

Contact us at:  802-274-2365 or for more information.


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