U-PiCK-FARM STORE-Holiday Chocolate Shop
DRIVE THROUGH SERVICE IS OPEN THIS WINTER / SPRING  Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm (Sun. Noon - 6pm) Order online and select "Farm Pickup" at checkout to waive shipping costs. We will call and email you to set up your pick up date/time. 
* * * We have a good supply of our  * * * 
 Organic 4lb bags of Blueberries & 7 oz. jars of Organic Elderberry Syrup - all from our farm!
Holiday Chocolate Shop
The "Holiday Chocolate Shop' OPENS 9 days for VALENTINES!!!
Dates: SUNDAY February 6, 2022 through Monday, February 14, 2022
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm.   / Sunday Noon - 6pm.  
10 days in February then again Mid-November through December 23, Sweet Season's Farm Store transforms into a beautiful and tasty wonderland of hand-made artisan confections using the Organic fruit & nuts grown on the farm as well as other farms in VT and the U.S.A. We 'know our farmers' and can tell you which farms supply us with the fruit, nut and spices used in our confections. The rich flavor, using no added sugar, attests to the quality of the confections. Everything you see at our online store and more is available in the Holiday Chocolate Shop. 
Genuinely made with exquisite European Couverture Chocolate. Sue, who received her training from Ecole Chocolat, is truly an organic (cng) farmer by day and artisan chocolatier by night!
Sweet Seasons U-Pick Organic (cng) Fruit Farm
Welcome to our Organic, Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) fruit farm! We want to offer you the
best tasting, most nutrient dense, clean and safe-to-eat fruit. Having an enjoyable experience on the
farm is our goal for you! We have two (2) blueberry orchards, the large one is 2.5 acres with 2,421 plants. The small one, 'Blueberry Nook' has 75 plants with chairs for those who want to 'Sit n' Pick'. We also have 500' of Raspberry a small Organic Apple orchard with 40 heirloom / heritage apple trees, a hedgerow of "Hazelberts" which are a cross between American Hazelnuts and European Filberts along with our newest 2019 planted "Superfood" orchard which include: Aronia, Elderberry, Black Currant and Nanking Cherry. 
For immediate updates visit:  facebook.com/sweetseasonsfarmvt
Our small, intimate, Heirloom Apple PYO orchard is CLOSED. for the season. You can pick your own in the orchard or the farm store! Varieties are available as the season progresses. We also showcase Holistic / NOFA Certified Organic Apple Varieties from Lost Nation Orchard and Walden Heights Nursery & Orchard.
ORGANIC (CNG) APPLE PRICES: $2.75 lb. for PYO whether you are picking in the orchard or from Sweet Seasons Farm's Certified Naturally Grown (cng) Apples in the farm store coolers! (Prices from our New England farmer friend's Holistic, NOFA Certified Organic Apples varieties are priced as marked.) 

FALL TIME / HOLIDAY SEASON HOURS:  Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm. Sunday Noon - 6pm. Monday we are CLOSED. We are Open the Monday's  before Thanksgiving, Christmas, The "Holiday Chocolate Shop", (located in the farm store), opens Mid-November through December 23, 2022.


BLUEBERRIES & PRICES: Organic (cng) Blueberries prices have not changed since 2017. The price is: $3.75 lb. Frequent Picker Program is $3.50 lb. once you reach 25 lbs. The discount is applied to the last pounds you pick that equal 25 lb. and continues throughout the blueberry season, so visit as often as you want and don't worry about keeping track - we will do this for you!

PICK N" EAT: Our very popular, "All You Can Pick N' Eat" for Blueberries returns! (Samples of Apples are provided in the Farm Store). This option is for those who LOVE to eat Blueberries while picking and is only $3.50 per person. This option allows you to enjoy yourself and eat all you want while helping to offset the financial costs involved with a blueberry crop that is suppose to be sold, rather than eaten on site. Your honesty in letting us know you enjoyed the "All You Can Pick N' Eat" option is appreciated as it shows you care about eating well and helping to support this farmer's livelihood. It also keeps the USDA Loan Officer, the Farmers and the Parents relaxed! There's no nagging on this farm! If you are a serious picker and don't want to eat while picking, that's fine! (Please do sample 1 or 2 berries from each variety so you know what you like! (The "Pick N' Eat" option is available as long as Vermont Dept. of Health policies and regulations approve of eating in "Open Food Source Farms").  

PICKING CONTAINERS: We supply sanitized picking containers for berries and apples. If you bring your own containers, please leave them in the car until you are ready to check out. If you don't have containers to transport your berries and apples - that's fine, we have "Green Recyclable" bags you can purchase for 10 cents each.

CHILDREN: Children of all ages are WELCOME and are kindly asked to be gentle with the plants and trees when picking. The orchard has frogs, Katydids and fake snakes - to keep the birds away! We have a SURPRISE for all the children this year! AIRPLANE TEETER TOTTER that seats seven (7) children. So, c'mon out and enjoy a GREAT and relaxing TIME of picking this summer season! (The AIRPLANE TEETER TOTTER is flying up to the Picnic Area this autumn during the Apple Harvest


THE BIG ORCHARD: The Big Blueberry Orchard is 2.5 acres with 2,421 Northern High Bush berry bushes that have been in ground 6 years now, with 5 varieties to choose from. Each row has a sign with its name. Currently, we are picking all varieties in their FIRST and SECOND fruiting!

This orchard is in full sun on a hill with beautiful views! Please bring hat, glasses water bottle and sun block to keep yourself cool and hydrated.


The Blueberry Nook is OPEN! This is a quiet and mostly shaded place up to Noon. It's a good place for those who have limited mobility or who prefer smaller more intimate spaces. The bushes in the Nook are mixed variety - even with some exotic low bush and wild berries! We have chairs in this orchard so you can "Sit n' Pick".


For Everyone's SAFETY Please drive your vehicle forward all the way to the "PARK HERE" signs. We need to leave plenty of room for children and adults to walk to and fro their vehicles as well as cars that are driving up or backing out. The Picnic Area is OPEN to enjoy a snack or lunch - please pack out your trash. The PORTA POTTY is very well maintained! Please help us keep it nice and clean!

Pets are NOT permitted anywhere on the farm grounds during business hours at Sweet Seasons Farm. However, if you are traveling with your pet, they must remain in your vehicle at all times and must be kept cool, quiet and comfortable.

CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONS: Frozen Peppermint Patties, Frozen Pink Cider Bars, Bonbons, Chocolate Strawberries, Chocolate Dipped Oreos and more are made fresh each week and stocked in the farm store every FRIDAY. As the season progresses so do the confections, such as: Maple Caramel Apples from Sept. - Dec. The popular and delicious "Holiday Chocolate Shop" at the farm store opens November through December 22, 2021.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC & HAND SANITIZER: Please stay home if you are sick or have symptoms of any communicable illness. If anyone in your party shows symptoms of communicable illness, we cannot allow your party to enter the orchards.

Moving forward... Sweet Seasons Farm owners kindly ask each visitor to sanitize their hands before handling fruit. It's a very good sanitation practice when the public is visiting an "Open Food Source" farm and we should have been practicing hand sanitizing long before this pandemic.  

Note about Covid 19 Vaccines & Personal Health Choices --- 

The owners of Sweet Seasons Farm are not legally / financially qualified or authorized to monitor or discuss with you anyone’s personal medical / health choices or conditions, including their own, their employees, visitors and customers.

Any discussion is only permitted if someone is showing symptoms of contagious illness, and this discussion is limited in scope.  

All visitors, customers, employees or service personnel of Sweet Seasons Farm assume 100% liability for their own medical / health choices or conditions when visiting the farm.

  • U-Pick Organic (CNG) Apples --- Our small, intimate orchard is perfect for those who seek to pick and eat Holistic, Organically grown apples. This year's picking / harvest is Sept 7th through Columbus Day. End of October. We are so very grateful to be able to sell in our farm store Holistic and delicious apples from renown Holistic Apple Grower Master: Michael Philips of Lost Nation Orchard AND 30+ years experience from NOFA Certified Organic Nurseryman/Grower Todd Parlo of Walden Heights Nursery and Orchard. 
  • **********************************
  • U-Pick Organic (CNG) Raspberries 500' of hedgerow - this year's picking starts early July through early August. (By Appointment) between 8am - 11:00am call: 802-274-2365)
  • ********************************
  • U-Pick Organic (CNG) Blueberries 2,500 plants -  this year's picking starts JULY 21, 2021 through early September.  
  • ********************************
We accept Cash & Venmo during harvest
During the holiday season, Thanksgiving / Christmas along with 10 days of Valentine's week, the Holiday Chocolate Shop also will accept Debit and Credit cards. 
From I-93 N. take exit 1 St. Johnsbury. Turn Right off the exit then turn Left at first stop light onto Route 2. Travel approx. 1 mile then look for Dog Mountain/Dog Chapel landmark and Riley's Fish Shack on the right of Spaulding Road.
Turn Right on to Spaulding Road. Travel up road 2 minutes until you see Dog Mountain's sign on the left. Continue up the road a few more minutes until you see the large yellow farm house w/ red roof on your right. As you begin traveling down the hill, within 1/8 mile you will see the white Sweet Seasons Farm
sign on your left. Take that first left up the driveway. The apple orchard runs along the driveway and is fenced in. Continue up until you see the fenced in blueberry orchard and Red Farm Store on your right. Park in designated area.
From I-95 take exit 22 St. Johnsbury then travel East, going down the hill until you reach the intersection with stop light. Price Chopper is on your right and Kinney Drug/ Sunaco Gas is on your left. Go  through the intersection up Hospital Drive. NVRH hospital is on your left. You will come to a T with a stop sign.
Turn left then  travel down the winding road until you reach the first right hand turn you can make - Lackey Hill. Turn right onto Lackey Hill and travel approx. 1/2 mile until you reach the brown Petty Rock Farm barn dated 1977. At this junction, bare right onto Spaulding Road then travel approx. 1 mile up the road until you see the white Sweet Seasons Farm sign on your right. Travel up the driveway. The apple orchard runs along the driveway and is fenced in. Continue up until you see the fenced in blueberry orchard and Red Farm Store on your right. Park in designated area.  
Other Things to know
Farm Store --- A fun place to visit and purchase other products including our exquisite Artisan Confections made with European Couverture Chocolate. Ask about our Blueberry Champion Picking contest and our Wooden Apple Hunt Contest!
Picnic Area --- Enjoy the beautiful surroundings on our Vermont farm while having a picnic lunch or dinner. Thank you for packing out all your trash to keep away the bears and raccoons! 
Porta-Potty --- Our privately owned porta-potty is well maintained, but is closed October 31, 2021. 
Water Bottle Refill Station --- Fill up your water bottles here with our refreshing artesian well water. 
Pets --- While we have sweet farm dogs of our own, pets are not permitted on farm grounds.
If you are traveling and can commit to keeping our guests safe and your pets comfortable and quiet, they may remain in your vehicle while you pick fruit or shop. (Ask us for a shady place to park during the warmer months.)
Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms --- For everyone's good health and the safety of our visitors and orchards, smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, alcohol and firearms are not permitted anywhere on the property. 
Organic (CNG) Growing Methods --- Ask us about our holistic, organic growing practices. We want you
to be well informed. You can view our inspection reports, input lists located in the farm store or visit the website of our certifying agency at: www.cngfarming.org
Nearby Attractions / Shopping/Food
 3 minutes down the road from us is Dog Mountain, a great place to visit, walk or run your dog & shop for your canine loving friends.
Also, nearby is Maple Grove -  the oldest maple candy factory & gift shop in the world! 
Make it a day and visit the famous Fairbanks Museum & gift shop. 
We think the best lunch/dinner venues are: Khams Thai Cusine & Riley's Fish Shack both only 5 minutes from our farm.
Looking for more to do while you're in town? Visit Saint Johnsbury's Welcome Center to Discover Saint Johnsbury