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Organic (cng) Farming:

In 2006, we began farming in Saint Johnsbury, VT to be in harmony with God, who we think is the Ultimate Organic Farmer! We raise nutrient dense fruit and make it available for those who desire foods that are clean, safe and nourishing.

Our certifying agency is: "Certified Naturally Grown" (CNG) which is a a grass-root organization seeking to support small/medium U.S. Farms. They raise the bar, encouraging permaculture methods so that their growers produce healthy, and safe-to-eat crops. Check them out at:


What we Grow:


Heirloom & Heritage Apples  & Pear  *   Blueberries  *  Raspberries   *   Strawberries   * Hazelnuts

Organic (cng) Herbal Tea:

Using old-world methods, we hang our raspberry & peppermint canes for 10-12 weeks to extract a class of anti-oxidant (anthocyanins) from the canes to the leaves. Our blueberry leaves are harvested when they turn brilliant red to capture the maximum polyphenols and flavonoids.  


European Couverture Chocolate Confections:

Sweet Seasons Farm is equally passionate and devoted to creating delicious confections. We seek farmers who seek to follow genuine organic/natural growing practices as they are the ones who supply us with fruit, nuts & spices that we aren't able to grow.  

Authentic confections rich in whole fruit, nut, spice and cacao without added sugar, preservatives, additives, extracts, flavorings are created through artisan crafting. This involves everything from designing new recipes, hand tempering couverture, hand cutting, zesting and drying fresh fruit, spices for the ganache & garnishes to controlling flavor profiles by hand-roasting and salting raw nuts.  

Fine European Couverture Chocolate is our choice. The farmers our chocolate maker works with are willing to take time to ferment the cacao beans 10 days and our chocolate maker knows how to conch! These folks go to great lengths to ensure that their superior standards established for their luxurious Couverture are achieved with each batch we purchase.

Select 70% Dark Chocolate when purchasing barks, clusters, chocolate dipped fruit, chocolate bars if you are Vegan or Dairy Free. Even though our kitchen is not certified gluten free, our confections are gluten free, except for the chocolate dipped cookies / pastries.  


Visit our Facebook page often where we blog about the farm and chocolate confectionery along with 'looking glass' educational snippets to learn more about how food grown safely impacts your health. 


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